Whitefly noticed on Cotton, follow expert tips

4 August, 2010

The infestation of whitefly on cotton has been observed in the cotton belt of Punjab according to experts of Punjab Agricultural University. The nymphs and adults of this pest suck the sap from the under surface of leaves and also excrete honey dew on which black sooty mould develops and leaves turn black. This pest also transmits cotton leaf curl virus.

The experts have advised farmers for not using the insecticidal mixtures and unapproved insecticides for control of this insect. They have been suggested to visit their fields twice a week before 10.00 a.m.

If the whitefly population reaches 6 adults/leave or honey dew appears on 50 per cent of the plants, the crop should be sprayed with Hostathion 40 EC (Triazophos) @ 600 ml or Fosmite/E-mite/Volthion 50 EC (Ethion) @ 800 ml per acre by dissolving it in 125-150 litres of water.

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