Remembering Dr Norman Borlaug - A Great Scientist and Humanitarian

Reach for the stars. Although you will never touch them, you may get a little stardust on your hands" - Dr Borlaug

September 15, 2009
New Delhi

ICAR Scientists and staff gathered today on September 15th, 2009 at 5 pm, at the NASC Complex to pay homage to Dr Norman Borlaug, the father of green revolution. The condolence meeting was chaired by Shri AK Upadhyay, Special Secretary (DARE) & Secretary ICAR. The entire ICAR family including the Fellowship of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences respectfully paid homage and remembered the contributions Dr. Borlaug made for increasing wheat production in the country that brought food security and self sufficiency.

Shri  Upadhyay in his tribute said that in the demise of Prof Borlaug, the mankind has lost a great soul. India owes special gratitude to him for his contribution to the Green Revolution.

Dr. KV Prabhu, Head, Division of Genetics, IARI narrated the contributions of Dr. Borlaug.  Dr Borlaug was instrumental in initiating the path breaking research that culminated in Green Revolution. He was of the firm opinion that green revolution should be treated as a continuous process so that much more efforts can be put for further enhancing food production to eliminate hunger.

At this occasion, several scientists paid their tributes to the departed soul. .

Prof SK Dutta, DDG (Crop Sciences), ICAR remembered his interaction and mentioned about the enthusiasm  Dr. Borlaug always had shown with regard to the promotion of GM technology for the benefit of the poor and hungry people across the globe.

Dr. Timothy Reeves, Ex-Director General , CIMMYT also spoke at the occasion and mentioned about the warmth and regard Dr. Borlaug had for India. Dr. Kenneth Syre also from CIMMYT shared the feelings Dr. Borlaug had for India as one of the most loved countries by him.

Others who shared their reminiscences included Dr. Kokate, DDG (Ext), ICAR, Dr. S S Singh, Director, DWR, Karnal, Dr. KR Koundal, Joint Director (Res.), IARI, and Dr. RP Singh, Wheat agronomist and Executive Secretary, IAUA.