Interactive Meet on “Camel and Human Medicine”

16th May 2016, Bikaner

ICAR-National Research Centre Camel, Bikaner organized an Interactive Meet on “Camel and Human Medicine” with the collaborating Institute- Radiation Medicine Centre, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The Meet highlighted development of an indigenous Immuno-Radio-Metric- Assay (IRMA) kit for monitoring thyroid cancer patients. This kit utilizes the special properties of Cameline antibodies produced at NRCC with high affinity and titre as a ‘capture antibody’. The Cameline antibody along with a monoclonal antibody (developed at RMC) and radiolabeled 125-I-Tg has been used to develop a very robust and sensitive IRMA kit to estimate serum thyroglobulin (Tg), a tumour marker for thyroid cancer, and is  effective in diagnosing/monitoring patients with thyroid cancer metastasis and recurrence.

 Interactive Meet on “Camel and Human Medicine” Interactive Meet on “Camel and Human Medicine”

Dr. H. Rahman, Deputy Director General (Animal Science), ICAR, while lauding the achievement of this collaborative project, expressed hope that such collaborations with other agencies/institutes are being favored by ICAR. He also expressed the hope that the kit which has been validated by Radio Medicine Centre, BARC, Mumbai on sufficient number of patients may be produced on a commercial scale.

Dr.M.G.R. Rajan, Prof. HBNI & Head, Radiation Medicine Centre, BARC presented details of the use of the IRMA kit in about 1500 patients, and Dr. (Ms). S. Kulkarni, Senior Scientist, BARC, presented scientific details of the R&D being carried out to produce single domain antibodies prepared with active support from NRCC Scientists to raise the antibodies in camels after repeated booster of antigen and harvesting of PBMCs.

 While elaborating the details of collaborative projects NRCC have with other institutes of repute Dr.N.V.Patil, Director, NRCC informed about significant achievements of NRCC.  

(Source: ICAR-National Research Centre Camel, Bikaner)