20th Foundation Day of NRC for Grapes

Pune, 18th January 2016.

Two progressive farmers Mr. Subash Arve (President MRDBS) and Mr Shivajirao Baste were felicitated for collaborating with NRC for Grapes in field of demonstration of technologies and varieties developed by the NRC for Grapes at the 20 Foundation Day of National Research Centre for Grapes. Mr Subash Arve delivered a  technical talk on ‘ Current status of dry grape industry in India and its future’.

 20th   Foundation Day of NRC for Grapes20th   Foundation Day of NRC for Grapes

The importance of keeping alive the interest of rural youth in agriculture for holistic development of the country and in tune with the market and consumer demands was emphasized by the chief guest Mr Dnyaneshwar Phadtare (Retd. Joint Commissioner of Vigilance, Maharashtra). Dr P. S. Minhas (Director, NIASM, Baramati) focused on the need to strengthen the collaborative work between NIASM and NRCG in the management of edaphic stress in grapes. Dr Jai Gopal (Director,DOGR) highlighted importance of breeding for development of grape varieties with desired traits. Dr K. V. Prasad (Director, DFR) spoke on the scope of incorporation of natural colors and flavors from ornamental crops in grape juice. The wall magazine, ‘Angoori’  of NRC for Grapes brought out a special issue depicting photographs and memoirs of the establishment of the NRC for Grapes.

(Source: ICAR-NRC on Grapes, Pune)