ICAR-CIRB become India’s second center to produce cloned buffalo

11thDecember, 2015, Hisar

 In a unique achievement, Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB) informed that institute scientists produced cloned calf ‘HISAR  GOURAV’ on December 11, 2015 at 11:30 AM, birth weight of 40.4 kg born through normal delivery. This cloned buffalo calf is distinct from the earlier clones produced in India by ICAR-NDRI as this  is produced from cells of ventral side of tail of superior buffalo bull, this part is least exposed to sunlight and may have less mutation rate, and can  be good choice for isolation of donor cells to produce healthy clones.

ICAR-CIRB become India’s second center to produce cloned buffaloICAR-CIRB become India’s second center to produce cloned buffaloICAR-CIRB become India’s second center to produce cloned buffalo 

The newborn cloned calf is maintaining good health and showing normal activities. Dr Singh emphasized that the use of adult somatic cells of proven males or quality females for cloning can bring revolution by multiplying the superior buffalo germplasm in country. With this achievement CIRB becomes world’s third and India’s second institute to produce cloned buffalo. 

  This achievement has been made under the project entitled, Cloning for conservation and multiplication of superior buffalo germplasm. The team of scientists lead by Dr Prem Singh Yadav includes Dr. N.L. Selokar, Dr. R.K. Sharma, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar and Dr. Sudhir Khanna. The cloned calf is the clone of the Superior Murrah bull (Mu-4354).  Which is currently used for semen production at CIRB, Hisar. The semen from this bull is in great demand and its AI conception rate is about 53%. Acknowledging the progress at CIRB, Science and Engineering Research Board under ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India have last month granted of Rs 25 Lakhs to simplify this technique for improving its efficiency under the Young Scientist Scheme.

Cloning of superior animals could go a long way to multiply best breeding buffalo bulls in India. At present limited amount of semen is available from progeny tested bulls for future use in artificial insemination programs, which is grossly insufficient to meet the demands of the nation. In addition, approximately 2500 young bulls are required every year to cover the 60 million breedable buffalo population. Animal cloning can be one of the suitable option for multiplication of such bulls in shortest possible time.  

Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR); Dr H. Rahman, Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences), ICAR; Dr AK Srivastava, Director-cum-Vice Chancellor, NDRI, Karnal; and Dr. B.S. Prakash, Assistant Director General (Animal Nutrition & Physiology), ICAR congratulated the Director and scientists for advancement in the buffalo cloning technology at CIRB.

(Source :ICAR-CIRB,Hisar)