On farm demonstration of Jayanti rohu fish seed rearing held in Gujarat

October 2014, Gujarat

ICAR-Regional Research Centre of Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Anand organized on-farm demonstrations on nursery raising of genetically improved variety of rohu (Jayanti rohu) in the nursery ponds of Gujarat State. The demonstrations were undertaken in the farmers’ ponds in the villages of Devataj & Pij of Anand and Kheda Districts, respectively.

The progressive fish farmers of these two districts were provided with complete technical support of nursery raising of the improved variety of rohu seed i.e. Jayanti rohu (Spawn) which was procured from ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar. After pre-stocking preparation of nursery ponds, the Jayanti rohu spawn of average size of 5-6 mm were stocked @ 5 million spawn/ha in the nursery ponds of each farmer. The Jayanti spawn were reared for one month from September to October, 2014 with appropriate post stockiJayanti rohu seed haulng management practices including manuring, fertilization and supplementary feeding. After one month of nursery rearing, the growth and survival of the Jayanti rohu seed was found to be of 45-47 mm & 41% and 43-45 mm & 55% in the village ponds of Kheda District and Anand District, respectively.

Jayanti rohu spawn for stockingHarvesting of Jayanti rohu seedHarvested jayanti rohu seedJayanti rohu seed haul

The demonstration revealed better growth and survival of Jayanti rohu seed compared to the performance of the local rohu seed as shared by the experience of local farmers. The farmers under demonstration responded with confidence of increasing the magnum of good quality fish seed in nursery ponds and were eager to cultivate Jayanti rohu in  grow out ponds to increase the aquaculture productivity in the region.

Dr. P. Jayasankar, Director, ICAR-CIFA informed that the next step would be to sign MoU with suitable stakeholder for establishing Multiplier Unit of the improved rohu in Gujarat.

The programme was supported by the Fish Genetics and Biotechnology Division under a project headed by Dr Kanta Das Mohapatra, Principal Scientist.

Progressive fish farmers, fisheries officers, NGOs and KVK officials in Gujarat were present during the occasion.

(Source: RRC of ICAR- CIFA, Anand, Gujarat)