Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela organises Women Empowerment Workshop and technical sessions on Field and Horticultural Crops

March 4, 2011, New Delhi

The Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela was attended by more than 50,000 farmers, farm entrepreneurs, farm women and youth and other stakeholders.  In the mela, Farm Women Empowerment Workshop followed by two workshops in morning and afternoon technical sessions were organised. 

During the first technical, Dr. V.V. Sadamate, Agriculture Advisor, Planning Commission was the Chief Guest.  He told regarding the efforts of Central Government through 5year plans for making self-help groups (SHGs).  He also elaborated the process and methodologies for formulation of SHGs, especially in marketing, processing and production of high value products.  The stress was given on women empowerment through self-help groups and increasing gender equality in decision making.  Second session was devoted to the technologies related to vegetable and foods, which enhance the income of farmers.

Dr. Balraj Singh deliberated upon the economics of low-cost protected cultivation and water saving techniques.  The Question-Answer Sessions for farmers and farm women were also organised with scientists.  The farmers showed their eager to purchase the quality seeds of Pusa Institute.  Hundreds of farmers brought their water and soil for testing, which is done free-of-cost and related agro-advisory was issued. 

It is to note that Tomorrow is the last day and farmers can get opportunities to visit this Mela for one more day.  This year, the theme of the mela has rightly been kept "Enhanced Productivity and Income through Farm Technologies" in the wake of globalization, climate change, reducing productivity at farm level.  The Mela is expected to have positive impact of farm productivity.  The Indian Agricultural Research Institute is said to be motherland of Green Revolution during 60s through its research and outreach programme. The Annual Mela in the Institute is a regular feature from 1972 attracting lakhs of people every year around the country.