Training Programme on ‘online Reporting system’ for KVKs Organized

New Delhi, 30 July, 2010

An interactive two day online training on ‘online reporting system of KVKs’ was inaugurated by Dr. K.D. Kokate, Deputy Director General (Agriculture Extension), ICAR on 30th July 2010 at e-KVK hub, KAB-I, New Delhi. This first online training of e-KVK hub was organized by the Agricultural Extension Division, ICAR is cost-effective in terms of minimal expenditure on logistics, travel of official etc.

This online reporting system is a part of ‘Any Time KVK’ (ATK), which is an intranet service of Division’s portal ‘Wagon Wheel Windows’. This initiative by ICAR is designed to effectively manage activities of the KVKs. The software was developed in Public-Private partnership mode by Agricultural Extension Division, ICAR with VLH Solutions, Hyderabad. It facilitates hassle free entry of data, planning and execution of various activities, hands free generation of various reports and serves as national repository of information on technology assessment, refinement and demonstration by the KVKs.


ATK would help Subject Matter Specialists (SMS) to plan and schedule activities, properly record accomplished jobs, and obtain online approval for scheduled tasks. It would enable the Program Coordinators (PC) to review, modify and approve action plans, monitor activities of individual SMS and generate structured reports. ATK empowers Zonal Project Directors and senior officials of ICAR to review and monitor activities of KVKs under their operational jurisdiction. Other salient features of ATK include secure and authenticated user logins, astute micro and macro level planning, seamless and online access to KVK database.


Dr K Mahadeva Reddy, Zone V, Hyderabad, Mr Sanjay Kushwaha, Zone VII, Jabalpur and Dr P Adhiguru, Agricultural Extension Division, ICAR, New Delhi facilitated the training and the computer programmers and senior scientists from Zonal Project Directorates participated in the same at e-KVK hub. While the remote participants in the training include, staff of eight Zonal Project Directorates, PCs, SMS and other staff from 192 e-linked KVKs and 120 non-linked KVKs.

During the training session, there were 86 and 221 feedback calls from various KVKs and ZPDs on 30th and 31st July respectively. More than 500 staff of KVKs/ZPDs has been trained in the first of its kind training initiative.

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project of Mass Media Mobilization, DIPA with inputs from Agriculture Extension Division, ICAR)