6th Revised Edition of “Handbook of Agriculture” Published

The Handbook of Agriculture is one of the most popular publications of the ICAR with a wider readership. The present edition presents science-led developments in Indian agriculture, the ongoing research efforts at the national level and with some ideas on the shape of future agriculture. While information in some chapters such as Soil and water, Land utilization, Field and forage crops has been updated with latest developments, many new topics such as the Environment, Agrobiodiversity, Resource conservation technologies, IPM, Pesticides residues, Seed production technologies, Energy in agriculture, Informatics, Biotechnology, Intellectual Property Rights, Agricultural marketing and trading and Indigenous Technical Knowledge have been included in the present edition. For those who take intelligent interest in agriculture—and their number is increasing fast-the present edition would serve as a useful book.

The Handbook of Agriculture is a  treasure-trove of valuable agricultural knowledge for a large audience of scientists,  policy-planners,    researchers,   extension-workers,   students,   progressive farmers and other stakeholders. This expanded edition of the handbook encapsulates research information on the present science-led developments in Indian agriculture, on-going research efforts at the national level and ideas on the future needs of the agriculture. The contents of Handbook are:

Evolution of Indian National Agricultural Research System
Pesticide Residues
Weather and Agriculture
Agriculture and Environment
Farm Machinery
Hill Agriculture
Farm Power and Energy in Agriculture
Post-harvest Technology and Storage
Desertification and its Control
Marketing and Trading
Farm Management
Water Resources
Agricultural Extension
Land Utilization
Agricultural Legislations
Soil and Water Conservation
Field Crops:
Conservation Technologies for Sustaining Natural Resources
Rice, Wheat, Barley, Maize, Oats, Millets, Pulses
Water Management and Crop Production
Oilseed Crops
Watershed Management
Commercial Crops:
Irrigation and Drainage Management
Sugarcane and Sugarbeet, Cotton, Jute and Allied Fibres
Use of Low-quality Waters in Crop Production
Seed Production and Technology
Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Integrated Nutrients Use
Cropping Patterns
Forage Crops and Grasses
Weed Management
Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Agriculture
Diseases of Crops
Sericulture in India
Intellectual Property Rights
Biological Control of Crop Pests
Crop Biotechnology
Insect Pests and their Management
Informatics in Agriculture
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