Continuation of the ongoing Plan Scheme of IIHR, Bangalore and seven sub-schemes for 11th Five Year Plan

March 30, 2009 New Delhi

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today approved the continuation of the ongoing Plan Scheme of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research namely “Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore (IIHR) and seven sub schemes namely, (i) Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture (CISH), Lucknow; (ii) National Research Centre for Citrus (NRC-Citrus), Nagpur; (iii) National Research Centre for Grapes (NRC-Grapes), Pune; (iv) National Research Centre for Banana (NRC-Banana), Trichy; (v) National Research Centre for Litchi (NRC-Litchi), Muzaffarpur; (vi) All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Tropical Fruits, Bangalore; and (vii) AICRP on Sub-Tropical Fruits, Lucknow, during 11th Five Year Plan at a cost of Rs.19953.81 lakh which includes ICAR share at Rs. 18195.53 lakh and State Government share at Rs.1758.28 lakh.
The outcome of the scheme will be conservation and safeguarding of genetic resources: new high yielding cultivars having resistance to biotic and abotic stresses, and also nutritive and qualitative attributes; enhancement in the input use efficiency (water, nutrients, pesticides, labour); technology for plant health management through understanding of leaf spot diseases as well as sucking pests, minimizing of post-harvest losses, development of newer products and value addition for better remuneration; development of technology for organic farming, off-season and protected cultivation to ensure extended availability. Successful implementation of the above technologies shall lead to enhanced productivity and profitability on its adoption.

(PR UNIT/March/2009)