Innovations in Agriculture for Farmers....ICAR Leads Agricultural Innovations in India

New Delhi, 29 November, 2010

Research and research investment can be better utilized for continuing linear relationship with enhanced production and availability for all. Realizing complexities of sustainable food production, increasing profitability, rural employment, poverty alleviation, marketing, policy issues, etc, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) initiated a programme in 2006 of Innovations in agriculture.

In India, National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) is one such largest national initiative of the Council supported by World Bank. The unique partnership between public institutions, NGO, farmers, private sectors and other stakeholders includes more than 800 institutions across the country.  

The Project is bringing various stakeholders together for sustainable development of Indian agriculture. Key objective of this project is “to contribute to the sustainable transformation of Indian agricultural sector from primarily food self-sufficiency to more of a market orientation in support of poverty alleviation and income generation”.

Some of the successful experiences are as follows:

  • Jasmine Flowers - From Village to Global Market: Thanks to packaging technology. It has been developed for enhancing the shelf-life of flowers and it has enabled the export of Jasmine flowers from villages in Tamil Nadu to Gulf, European and American markets.
  • Fabric from Banana fibre: Value-chain for use of banana pseudo stem developed for converting fibre to fabric, providing employment and income generation in rural areas.  Units are coming up in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Natural Dye from Flowers: Colours and their combinations from natural sources like flowers, bark, leaves, etc. have been developed for use as natural dye for textile industry. This will reduce the use of chemical dye.
  • World’s First Cloned Buffalo: Cloning technology is successfully developed. Cloned ‘Garima’ buffalo calf is growing healthy.  It will help in conserving the endangered species and fast reproduction of elite and high yielding animals.
  • Foot rot in Sheep in the mountainous regions: A vaccine for the control of foot rot in sheep in the mountainous regions has been developed.
  • Health Food from Jowar and Bajra: The value-added products from millets, jowar and Bajra have been developed as a health food.
  • Kadaknath for Tribal Areas: Improved housing, feed and health-care reduced mortality in high-value poultry (Kadaknath) in tribal areas.  These interventions have enhanced income besides nutritional supplement.
  • Less Known Fruits for More Income: The underutilized trees/fruits e.g. ber, palas, jamun, pongamia, tamarind, etc have been exploited for extra income generation through value-added products for rural areas.
  • Online E-publishing and Access for Sharing of Agricultural Contribution: E-publishing of two research journals of ICAR, online submission and access have started and on global platform for sharing of research contributions. Besides, online access to over 2,900 international journals in 124 libraries is benefitting scientific communities and 1.20 million articles have been free downloaded by the readers.
  • Unique Approach for sharing Agro-information: A unique approach of mobilizing mass-media resources for sharing and dissemination of agricultural technologies is working across the country.


Many More Success Stories and details are available on website: