Vision Documents

Vision Documents

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research is an apex research organization of the country with a high standing amongst international agricultural research institutions. Since its inception in 1930, the Council has been spearheading agricultural research, education and extension activities for productivity enhancement and diversification of Indian agriculture.

The world as a whole is undergoing several transformative changes. Growing population, changing lifestyles, expanding urbanization and accelerated climate changes are creating new challenges for the national agricultural research system. Whereas in the past, the challenge was to supply adequate food, but now it is to provide adequate nutrients to promote health; and in the future, the challenge would be to provide optimal nutrients based on individual’s genetic profile. Fortunately, along with challenges, the developments in science are creating new avenues for tackling the challenges. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the National Agricultural Research and Education System at large, are determined to harness the advances of science for the welfare of society. The Council is committed to transform itself into an organization engaged fully with the farmers, industry, entrepreneurs and consumers at large.

To keep pace with the changing environment, the ICAR has been updating its visions and strategies from time to time. The first systematic effort to envision the challenges and opportunities, and formulate its own strategy was undertaken in the last year of the 20th century by preparing ‘Vision 2020 document’. The next attempt was after five years by bringing out the ‘Perspective Plan’ and the ‘ICAR Vision 2030’, coinciding with XI plan. ‘ICAR Vision 2050’, provides the strategic framework for innovation-led inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth in the country.