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Brain Storming Session on ‘Rainfed Agriculture - Research and Drought Preparedness’ Organized

Brain Storming Session on ‘Rainfed Agriculture - Research and Drought Preparedness’ Organized

9th May 2014, New Delhi

All India Coordinated Research Project on Dryland Agriculture (AICRPDA-CRIDA) and National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS)-Hyderabad Chapter jointly organized a two-day brainstorming session on ‘Rainfed Agriculture-Research and Drought Preparedness’ during 9-10th May, 2014, at NAAS, NASC Complex, New Delhi. The prime objective of the programme was to review and revisit rainfed agriculture research being carried out under AICRPDA network and preparing for drought in 2014 by operationalization of district contingency plans.


Deliberations were chaired by Dr. S.M. Virmani, Former Programme Leader, ICRISAT and  NAAS Foreign Secretary. Dr. A.K. Sikka, Deputy Director General (NRM and Extension); Dr. J.S. Sandhu, Agricultural Commissioner; Dr. B. Venkateswarlu, Vice-Chancellor, Vasantroa Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth (VNMKV), Parbhani; Dr. D. Rama Rao, National Director, NAIP and Deputy Director General, Agricultural Engineering; Dr. B. Meenakumari, Deputy Director General, Fisheries; Assistant Directors General of NRM Division, Directors of NRM institutes, Senior Officials from Ministry of Agriculture, Chief Scientists (AICRPDA) and Scientists from CRIDA were also present during the deliberations.

Dignitaries also released a compilation entitled ‘Rainfed Farming: A Compendium of Doable Technologies’ during the programme.

The first day deliberations were focused on the network research status and future research thrusts in the thematic areas of rainwater management, nutrient management, soil health and carbon sequestration, crops and cropping systems, farm machinery and energy management, alternate land use, integrated farming systems and technology development and impacts while the second day deliberations addressed the drought preparedness and mitigation of drought by operationalization of agricultural contingency plans.

Discussions on ‘Monsoon-2014’ based on IMD and AICRPAM predictions, status of contingency plans in different states and implementation of contingency measures on real time basis were also organized during the session.

Topics like availability of early maturing varieties, change of crops, timely availably of various inputs, farm machinery to complete sowing operation in limited sowing window available, fodder systems, livestock, management of fish ponds if monsoon is delayed were also discussed and a road map for contingency plans was developed.

Dr. Ch Srinivas Rao, Convener of the programme and Project Coordinator (AICRPDA) proposed the vote of thanks.

(Source: NRM Division, ICAR)


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