Landmark Technologies
Landmark Technologies
  • Prepared soil resource maps of the country (1:1 million scale), states (1:250,000 scale) and 55 districts (1:50,000 scale); soil degradation map of the country (1:4.4 million scale) & state soil erosion maps(1:250,000 scale)


  • Twenty agro-ecological regions and sixty agro-ecological sub-regions of the country have been delineated and mapped on 1:4.4 million scale.
  • Developed 75 model watersheds with location specific soil and water conservation measures.
  • Developed sandune stabilization and shelterbelt plantation technologies to check wind erosion & desertification.
  • Developed cost effective liming technology for amelioration of acid soils, reclamation technology for salt affected soils and sub-surface drainage technology for waterlogged saline soils
  • Developed promising salt tolerant varieties for rice, wheat, mustard, gram, fennel and coriander.
  • Developed multipurpose rubber dam for watershed to reduce soil erosion, create water storage facility, enhance ground water recharge and quick & safe disposal of sediments
  • A low-cost small scale on-line filter was designed, fabricated and evaluated for safe use of urban waste water in agriculture.
  • Prepared geo-referenced soil fertility maps for 20 states & ready reckoners for soil test based fertilizer recommendations.
  • Developed a portable soil test kit/mini lab (Mridaparikshak) to supplement soil testing service in the country. The kit is useful in analysing soil samples for the purpose of distributing soil health cards to farmers
  • Developed Integrated Nutrient Management packages for major cropping systems .
  • Developed liquid biofertilizer formulations with longer shelf life. Identified potassium and zinc solubilizing bacteria. Also standardized vermi/bio-enriched composting technology.
  • Developed Pine oleoresin coated slow release urea and nano formulations namely 4G nano-based nutritional agri-inputs (phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and iron), nano ZnO and nano rockphosphate for higher nutrient use efficiency.
  • A comprehensive on-line database on agro-forestry entitled "Agro-forestry BASE" developed.
  • Standardized different agro-forestry modules for arable and non-arable lands.
  • Developed resource conservation technologies (zero tillage, laser levelling, bed planting, SRI, LCC etc.) to save water, nutrient, labour and energy.
  • Identified bio-intensive cropping systems for irrigated, rainfed. Arid, hill and coastal ecosystems of the country for effective crop diversification.
  • Developed 45 IFS models covering for different agro-ecological zones in the country to enhance productivity profitability and livelihood
  • Developed organic farming package of practices for 51 crops/cropping systems.
  • Developed agri-voltaic solar farming system for raising income both from agriculture and generation of electricity as well. The model enables growing crops under the solar panels.
  • Developed solar devices like cooker, dryer, PV duster, PV winnower cum dryer, PV mobile unit, solar photovoltaic pumps for domestic and small agricultural applications.
  • Developed integrated weed management practices for different crops/cropping systems of the country. Also identified bio agents for effective control of water hyacinth, Parthenium and Velvet bush.
  • and popularized large number of farm implements for timely sowing and harvesting of rainfed crops and resource conservation.
  • Providing agro-advisories based on real time weather data.
  • Demonstrated climate resilient technologies in 151 most vulnerable districts in farmers’ participatory mode on to cope with various climatic aberrations.
  • Prepared Agricultural Contingent Plans for 648 districts and uploaded at and to cope up with any climatic adversities.

Landmark Varieties

  • Developed promising salt tolerant varieties for rice (Basmati CSR 30), wheat (KRL 283), salt tolerant Indian mustard variety CS 58, gram, fennel and coriander.

NRM issues and technology interventions for improving agro eco-system productivity and sustainability in different districts of India.