XI Agricultural Science Congress 2013

XI Agricultural Science Congress on the theme “Agricultural Education - Shaping India's Future” is being organized by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences at Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar from 7-9 February , 2013 under the convenorship of Dr. D.P. Ray, Vice-Chancellor of the University. A number of eminent scientists from abroad are also expected to participate and speak at the. Congress. The Academy has planned the following Technical Sessions: .

  • Technical Session I: Achieving Excellence in Agricultural Education: Experience from across the World
  • Technical Session II: Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Integration for Development (AREE4D): Status, Elements of Successes, Issues, Challenges and Prospects
  • Technical Session Ill:  Governance and Quality Assurance in Agricultural Education
  • Technical Session IV:  View Points of SAU Teachers
  • Technical Session V:  Knowledge Sharing, Linkages and Partnership
  • Technical Session VI:  View Point of Students/Elocution contest on Theme of the Congress
  • Technical Session VII:  Investment and Institutions
  • Technical Session VIII:  View Points of Industry
  • Technical Session IX:  Human Resources and Skill Development, Employability and Retention of Youth in Agriculture
  • Technical Session X:  Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability

XI Agricultural Science Congress Brochure