A novel Portable Meat Production and Retailing Facility (P-MART) for Hygienic Meat Production from Small Ruminants

For hygienic meat production and retailing, the infrastructure is a prerequisite to achieve meat food safety. Some of the factors like the lack of centralized slaughter facilities, non-utilization of service facilities due to logistic issues, especially by the small scale processors and consumer preference for hot meat have led the unregistered slaughter places and unscientific retail shops to mushroom across the country. This work was undertaken to develop an innovative solution to address this issue.

To provide an innovative solution to the problem, the ICAR-National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad has designed and fabricated an innovative Portable Meat Production and Retailing Facility (P-MART) for the hygienic meat production from the small ruminants. The P-MART’s operation has been validated and also a patent application has been filed. The developed technology has been transferred to entrepreneurs for up-scaling so as to make the facility available to stakeholders.

The P-MART consists of Lairage, Slaughtering, Cutting & Packaging and Retailing Units. The four Separable Wheeled Units makes it unique to move independently. The Units are equipped with pest killers, wall-mounted fans, exhaust fans and water storage facility to ensure hygienic production and for operators’ comfort. The electrical stunning, refrigeration, bone cutting and mincing facilities have also been provided. It can be operated either on ground or on a vehicle. The food grade stainless steel (SS 304) was used for fabricating the facility. To meet the production requirements, the innovative aerobic green waste composting mechanisms and anaerobic biogas plants were also standardized.

A novel Portable Meat Production and Retailing Facility (P-MART) for Hygienic Meat Production from Small Ruminants

It is a user-friendly, low cost, portable, mobile, environment-friendly and animal welfare compliant facility for hygienic meat production from sheep and goats. The technology has been commercialized. Having the potential to revolutionize the small scale meat production scenarios in the country, the technology can also be promoted in resource poor countries.

(Source: ICAR-National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad)