Dr. R.S. Paroda visits ICAR-CAZRI

Dr. R.S. Paroda visits ICAR-CAZRI

8th-9th February 2024, Jodhpur

Padma Bhushan Dr. R.S. Paroda, Former Secretary, (DARE) and Director General (ICAR) visited ICAR- Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur on 8th-9th February 2024. He visited the experimental field and appreciated the working models of integrated crop cafeterias, low-cost playhouses, and automatic input delivery systems in the precision farming block of the institute. During the discussion with scientists, Dr. Paroda was also informed about the impact of these interventions on farmers’ income, livelihood, and nutritional security in drought-prone regions.

Dr. R.S. Paroda visits ICAR-CAZRI

Dr. Paroda acknowledged the role of the institute in enhancing the shifting of dunes of the Thar Desert into greenery in arid regions and in developing and deploying the agri-technologies that not only increased productivity but also enhanced the resilience of farming in one of the most challenging agro-eco-system of the world.

He emphasized that India's advancements in agriculture have made the country self-reliant and enabled the export of various agricultural products such as paddy, pulses, and fruits. Dr. Paroda emphasized the importance of innovation in increasing farmers' production and income, providing access to markets and the latest knowledge, and inspiring youth to engage in farming and agricultural entrepreneurship. The Covid pandemic has highlighted the need to focus on local food items, implement post-harvest processing, and value-added agricultural produce.

Earlier, Dr. O.P. Yadav, Director, ICAR-CAZRI briefed about the research strategies and achievements of the institute.

(Source: ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute Jodhpur, Rajasthan)