ICAR-CIFRI signs License agreement with M/s Das and Kumars for “ICAR-CIFRI Circular Cage”

27th September 2022, Barrackpore

ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore, Kolkata, Agrinnovate India Ltd and M/s Das & Kumars, Varanasi signed Transfer License Agreement of ICAR-CIFRI Circular Cage today.

ICAR-CIFRI signs License agreement with M/s Das and Kumars for “ICAR-CIFRI Circular Cage”  ICAR-CIFRI signs License agreement with M/s Das and Kumars for “ICAR-CIFRI Circular Cage”

ICAR-CIFRI grants non-exclusive license for a period of five years for manufacturing and sale of ICAR-CIFRI Circular Cage in the territory of India. The commercialization process was completed through Agrinnovate India Ltd, commercial arm of ICAR.

Dr.  B. K. Das, Director ICAR-CIFRI said that in last five years, Institute has commercialized seven technologies.  He stressed that ICAR-CIFRI Circular cage with size of 16-meter diameter and 5-meter depth having a productive volume of 1005 cubic meter is almost equivalent to 12 rectangular cages of 6m X 6m X 4m size and up to 25-30 tons of fish can be produced from this circular cage. Under Prime Minister Matsya Sampada Yojana, Cage culture has been given paramount importance.

Dr Das said that now time has come to popularize this new technology in partnership with state fisheries department in reservoirs and wetlands of different parts of India. He said that ICAR-CIFRI presently working on the automation of cage culture including feeding and monitoring in cage with the use of IOT. We are also working with the anti-fouling nets in cages.

Dr. G H Pailan, Head, ICAR-CIFE Kolkata Centre said that these technologies will help in enhancing fish production and productivity of reservoirs and wetlands. Farmers and entrepreneurs will be immensely benefitted from the technologies developed by ICAR-CIFRI.  

Shri Yash Agarwal, Partner, M/s Das & Kumars, Varanasi said that this technology is the cost effective, economical and farmer friendly. The technology is quite economical and will give good return from single unit.

Dr. Ganesh Chandra, In-charge, Institute Technology Management Unit briefed about ICAR-CIFRI Circular Cage technology. He informed that this is the second technology licensed to M/s Das and Kumars after ICAR-CIFRI GI Cage license since 2017.

ICAR-CIFRI Circular HDPE cages are structurally sturdier than rectangular cages and therefore can withstand higher degrees of wave action and storms. The cage will provide a huge space and continues the net wall without forming any dead corner. Hence many priced species like IMC can be grown. The cage structure provides a 1m width stable and safe platform. This cage is having 1005 cubic meter total volume space for table fish production with 905 cubic meter productive volume. Production up to 25 MT fish can be achieved in circular cage. The benefits of these cage are Stable floating structure/platform, one meter Catwalk/walking space and more working space, no additional floats, cage structure acts as floating material.

(Source: ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore, Kolkata)