Crop Science

The Division has 13 national institutes including one deemed-to-be-university, 3 bureaus, 9 project directorates, 2 national research centres, 27 all-India coordinated research projects, and 5 all-India network projects. Besides, it administers a large number of revolving fund schemes and national research networks, and facilitates the technical clearance of externally funded projects.

Located at the ICAR Headquarters, the Division has 6 commodity/subject-specific technical sections, namely, (i) Food and Fodder Crops, (ii) Oilseeds and Pulses, (iii) Commercial Crops, (iv) Seeds, (v) Plant Protection, and (vi) Intellectual Property Rights. Each section is headed by an Assistant Director General (ADG). Three Principal Scientists assist the middle level management and technical backstopping of various scientific/technical matters whereas Deputy Secretary (Crop Sciences) is responsible for internal administrative matters in the Division.

Thrust Areas

  • Harnessing conventional and modern scientific knowledge, tools, and cutting-edge of science for development of improved crop varieties/hybrids suited to diverse agro-ecologies and situations, and efficient, economic, eco-friendly and sustainable crop production and protection technologies; promoting excellence in basic, strategic and anticipatory crop science research
  • Refinement of seed-production technologies and production of breeder seed with added emphasis on hybrid cultivars
  • Conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources of plants, insects and other invertebrates, and agriculturally important microorganisms
  • Providing knowledge-intensive advisory and consultancy in crop-