Call for proposal under CRP on Natural Fibres

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has launched an ambitious research system in various fields of agriculture by introducing the ICAR Agri-Research Consortia Platforms (Agri-CRP) to fortify and encourage the innovative research approach to take up national problems that have been perceived over time. CRP on Natural Fibre (CRP- NF) is one of the platform projects approved under Agri-CRP by ICAR. ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Mumbai has been entrusted as Nodal Centre for executing CRP-NF project due to its vast experience and significant achievements in the research on natural fibres. The CRP-NF platform is supported and monitored by Agricultural Engineering SMD of ICAR headed by Deputy Director General (Agricultural Engineering).  Under CRP on Natural Fibres, new R&D projects, encompassing sustainability and circular economy, are invited from ICAR institutes and Universities under NARS dealing with natural fibres related to following areas for funding during 2020-25

a) Extraction of quality fibres from biomass on an economic scale and its value addition

b)  Development of novel products from natural fibre blends to cater to Apparel, Home textile and Technical textile sectors

c)  Deriving fine chemicals, energy and value added products from by-products and biomass of natural fibre system

d)  Assessment of the environmental footprints in production and processing of natural fibres

 The last date for the submission of projects is 10th November, 2019.