31st Annual Group Meet of AICRP on Palms held during the Golden Jubilee Year

16th – 18th September 2022, Kasaragod

The   31st Annual Group Meeting of All India Co-Ordinated Research Project on Palms was held at ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasargod, during 16-18 September 2022, coinciding with the Golden Jubilee Year of AICRP (Palms).

 31st Annual Group Meet of AICRP on Palms held during the Golden Jubilee Year   31st Annual Group Meet of AICRP on Palms held during the Golden Jubilee Year

Dr. V. Geethalakshmi, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. in her inaugural address, emphasized on non-scientific management and senile palms remain major impediments to achieving higher productivity. She urged for developing varieties tolerant to pests, diseases and weather extremities. Dr. Geethalakshmi exhorted the palm researchers to enlighten the farmers on crop diversification and value addition to overcome the frequent price fluctuations. She outlined the scope for oil palm and palmyrah and hinted the need for mechanization and artificial intelligence with robotics and sensors in the era of labour scarcity.

The former Project Coordinators Dr. P. Rethinam, Former Executive Director, ICC (APCC), Jakarta, Dr. S. Arulraj, Former Director, IIOPR, Pedavegi, Dr. H. Hameed Khan Former Project Coordinator of AICRP (Palms) and Dr. H.P. Maheswarappa, Director of Research, UHS, Bagalkot were the Guests of honour.

Dr. R.K. Mathur, Director, IIOPR, Pedavegi, Dr. V.S. Korikanthimath, Former Director, ICAR Research Complex for Goa and Dr. P. Chowdappa, Former Director, ICAR–CPCRI Kasaragod, also participated in the inaugural session.\

Dr. Anita Karun, Director, CPCRI and Project Co-ordinator (Acting), AICRP (Palms) in the Presidential Address said that  the achievements of AICRP (Palms) has helped to  transform the lives of the palm growers towards economic prosperity.

Navsari Centre, Gujarat received the Best AICRP (Palms) Centre Award for the year 2021.  Technical Bulletins, booklets and folders prepared by the palm scientists were released during the event.

During the meeting, three coconut varieties Dweep Haritha, Dweep Sona and Kalpa Vajra were recommended for release.

(Source: ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasargod)