Vision / Mission of Animal Science Division


Development of technologies to support production enhancement, profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of livestock and poultry sector for providing food and nutritional security to Indian masses.


Facilitating need based research in ongoing and emerging areas of livestock and poultry sector to denote productivity increase, reduce gap between potential and actual yield, and to prepare the country for the challenges of globalization.

Thrust Areas

  • Molecular signatures for indigenous livestock resources
  • Markers for disease resistance and selection
  • Livestock/poultry genomics
  • Allele mining for abiotic/biotic stress and development of molecular markers
  • Stem cell research for animal health and production
  • Improvement of reproductive efficiency
  • Improvement of utilization of low quality roughages through in vivo and in vitro manipulations
  • Biochemical markers to assess the micronutrient status of animals
  • Nutrigenomics, Nutraceuticals and Functional foods
  • Probiotics/ prebiotics for enhancing nutrient utilization
  • Mitigation of green-house gas emissions from livestock
  • Adaptation strategies for climate change
  • Development of diagnostics and immuno-prophylactics for various diseases using biotech and nanotech tools
  • Recombinant/ DNA/ Novel vaccines
  • Monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases including transboundary and zoonotic diseases
  • Forecasting and forewarning of animal diseases
  • Anti-microbial resistance
  • Pharmacogenomics for design of new generation and indigenous drugs.
  • Residual analysis of environmental and industrial pollutants; mycotoxin and drug residues.
  • Development and improvement of technologies for value addition, shelf life enhancement and quality assurance of livestock and poultry products
  • Embryo biotechnology/cloning technology