Strengths of Animal Science Division


Total number of Scientists as per cadre strength: 1019
Total number of Scientists in position: 648


Farms and animals

Research farms for cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, camel, equine, yak, mithun and poultry exist in species specific institutes spread all over the country.


State of-the-art laboratories are established at the Institutes for carrying out basic and strategic research in cutting edge technologies in the areas of animal genetics and breeding, nutrition, physiology and reproduction, animal health and animal products technology.

Specialized facilities

Bio-safety and bio-containment laboratories, nuclear technique laboratories, semen evaluation and quality control, residue analysis, feed analysis, embryo transfer laboratories, molecular biology, rumen biotechnology, milk and milk product processing unit, meat and meat processing unit, wool processing unit, model dairy plant, vaccine production unit, germplasm and DNA banks, natural serum bank.

Human Resource Development

Two Deemed Universities offer graduate, post graduate and doctoral degree programmes in various disciplines of veterinary & animal sciences and dairy science & technology including national diploma. For details visit and

Advanced tailor made training programs are offered for researchers, extension personnel, teachers, students and farmers periodically.

(For details contact species specific Institutes through website)

National and International Collaboration

Collaborative programme in some of the advanced and cutting edge areas like biotechnology and molecular biology in animal science, are taken up with premier National and International organizations.