2-day training on Natural farming at ICAR-KVK, Goa
2-day training on Natural farming at ICAR-KVK, Goa

4th-5th March 2024, Goa

ICAR- Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa, organized a two-day training program on ‘Natural farming’ as part of the out-scaling of natural farming at ICAR-KVK, North Goa, from 4th to 5th March 2024.

2-day training on Natural farming at ICAR-KVK, Goa  2-day training on Natural farming at ICAR-KVK, Goa

Dr. A. Velmurugan, Assistant Director General, Soil & Water Management, ICAR-Natural Resource Management Division, emphasized the importance of integrating natural farming and organic practices into sustainable agriculture. He urged the agricultural community to reduce reliance on chemical-intensive farming methods and preserve soil health for future generations. Dr. Velmurugan distributed vegetable seeds and ingredients for natural farming inputs to farmers and urged scientists to develop a carbon-neutral agro-ecotourism model and use voluntary carbon trading in agriculture. He also stressed the importance of value addition, branding, and marketing of natural farming products through digital platforms.

Dr. Parveen Kumar, Director, ICAR-CCARI, Goa, briefed the achievements of the Institute.

Dr. Shirish D. Narnaware, Senior Scientist (Veterinary Pathology) & Section in-charge Animal Science and Fisheries Sciences stated that it is the most prolific breed of goat, very suitable for meat and skin production, and can significantly contribute towards sustainable livelihoods of small and marginal farmers of the coastal region.

Dr. N. Bommayasamy, Senior Scientist and Head, ICAR-KVK, North Goa, informed the farmers about the two-day training program and encouraged them to practice natural farming.

Later, Dr. Velmurugan visited the newly introduced goat herd of a total number of 37 adult Black Bengal goats (33 females and 4 males) procured from the West Bengal breeding tract.

A total of 45 participants attended the training programme.

(Source: Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa)