Boneless whole carp

Brief Description: Boneless whole carp technology has been developed using a manual deboning procedure, without distorting the shape of fish. It is a convenient and ready to use product. Table size carps have 60-70% edible portions. Spiced boneless whole fish can be introduced in super bazaars, fast food chain and restaurants. Roasted whole carp can be a very good fast food item for carry home packs.

Carp egg products

Brief Description: Carp egg an important underutilized commodity in India, even though they are known to be good source of protein and essential Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) and other nutrients. The present study facilitates utilization of carp roes in the preparation of protein and PUFA rich value added fast food products. It is suggested that carp roes can be used as supplements for protein and PUFA fortification to combat protein malnutrition.