National Drainage Stakeholders’ Consultation Meet

Karnal, 6 February 2017.

National Drainage Stakeholders’ Consultation Meet With the aim to address drainage issues related to variation in design parameters, installation procedures and costs of sub-surface drainage (SSD) systems for different agro-ecological regions of India, the National Drainage Stakeholders’ Consultation Meeting was inaugurated by Dr A.K. Sikka (India Representative, International Water Management Institute, New Delhi) at  Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI). Dr Sikka informed that irrigation got priority over drainage during the green revolution period and the mindset has not changed yet. This has resulted in loss of prime lands and enhanced crop productivity in medium and major irrigation projects of the countrydue to waterlogging and soil salinity. Dr Sikka emphasized that it is the right time for integrated water management of irrigation projects where drainage should get its due attention and should be not be dealt in isolation. Further he stressed that practical drainage guidelines to deal with real life field problems need to be finalized through brainstorming session with all the concerned stakeholders to accelerate the pace of implementation of large scale of SSD projects in different states under ‘Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana’ and ‘Prime Minister Krishi Sinchai Yojana’.

Dr S. K. Chaudhari (ADG, SWM) said that SSD technology developed by CSSRI in the country and it is the duty of Institute to give concrete drainage guidelines to address queries of different stakeholders including funding agencies and farmers.

Dr P.C. Sharma (Director,CSSRI) highlighted technologies developed under chemical, engineering and biological approaches for reclamation  and management of sodic soils  and waterlogged saline soils. He emphasized that institute developed technologies have reclaimed around 2.07 million ha salt-affected lands and assured that the institute is ready to deal the second generation problems.

Dr S.K. Gupta (Chairman, National Drainage Committee)  apprised that the Committee has referred all the existing literature and used expertise at national level in drafting SSD guidelines and hoped that these guidelines will be relevant and useful in streamlining the large scale installation of SSD projects through state departments or with public private partnership mode.

Dr D.S. Bundela, (Head ,DIDE) highlighted about drainage guidelines and cost estimation procedures. Thirty-four officers, engineers and scientists from 12 affected states attended the meeting.

(Courtesy: English Editorial Unit)