Training on ‘Soil & Water Conservation’

ICAR – Indian Institute of Soil & Water Conservation, Dehradun organised 5-day (August 2-6, 2016) training programme on Soil and Water Conservation and Watershed Management’ for 17 Agriculture Officers from eight districts of Odisha.

Training on ‘Soil & Water Conservation’ Training on ‘Soil & Water Conservation’

Dr. PK Mishra, Director, Indian Institute of Soil & Water Conservation highlighted the importance of watershed management. He said alternate land use systems, water harvesting, recycling, crops best suited for rainfed and water scarce situations should be focussed.

 Major focus was given on natural resources conservation through integrated watershed management for increasing productivity, profitability and nutritional security of the farmers. A mixed set of best technologies including mechanical measures, vegetative measures, agronomical measures for minimising soil erosion, enhancing water use efficiency and ultimately promoting sustainable agriculture practices, were advocated. Special attention to develop the skill towards using remote sensing and GIS was given.

(Source: ICAR – Indian Institute of Soil & Water Conservation, Dehradun)