Series of Public Lectures by NAAS

22nd January 2015, New Delhi.

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences has started a series of public lectures on important issues related to agriculture and allied sectors.  First lecture in this series was delivered by Dr. Azad Kumar Kaushik  on ‘Cow Mega-Antibodies for Better Human Health’. Dr. Kaushik, is an alumnus of the  Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar and Pasteur Institute, Paris. , He is well known for his contribution in Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology including Molecular Immunoglobulin Genetics, Antibody Engineering and Transgenics, Autoimmunity and Systemic Autoimmune Disease, and Clinical Veterinary Immunology.

Series of Public Lectures by NAASSeries of Public Lectures by NAAS

Dr. Kaushik emphasized the novelty of the antibodies of cow (cattle)as these antibodies are largest in size among all the other species in the animal kingdom,  having up to 65 amino acids as compared to the usual 22-25 amino acids.. These distinct antibodies are poised to be more effective against diverse species of bacteria and viruses.

Dr. Kaushik opined that by giving more emphasis on production traits in the selection of livestock we have lost lot of good genes, particularly those responsible for disease resistance and health. He postulated that  that these mega antibodies have the potential to be next-generation therapeutics forming the basis of new vaccines, diagnostics, and immune modulatory agents to prevent and treat human deceases.

Dr R. B. Singh (Ex President, NAAS) chaired the session and Dr M. P. Yadav (Secretary, NAAS) introduced Dr Azad Kumar Kaushik. The lecture was attended by NAAS fellows and invited scientists from ICAR and the CGIAR institutes.

(Source: English Editorial Unit)