Himalaya Day Observed at CSWCRTI, Dehradun

9th September, 2014, Dehradun

Central Soil & Water Conservation Research and Training Institute (CSWCRTI), Dehradun (Uttarakhand) observed ‘Himalaya Day’ here today. The object was to create awareness among college students and the faculty members of Agriculture, Forestry, Agri-business etc. from various academic organizations located in Dehradun. Dr. P.K. Mishra, Director, CSWCRTI highlighted the environmental importance of Himalaya and conducted a pledge ceremony on ‘Conserve Soil- Protect Nature’ under ‘Save Soil Campaign’ for the students and other participants of the occasion. He emphasized that Himalaya is a great reserve of natural resources, especially soil and water that need conservation so that the Great Himalayas sustain perennial flow of Ganga River and we get continued ecosystems services.


Himalaya Day Observed at CSWCRTI, Dehradun Himalaya Day Observed at CSWCRTI, Dehradun
Himalaya Day Observed at CSWCRTI, Dehradun Himalaya Day Observed at CSWCRTI, Dehradun

The students were exposed to status of natural resources, extent of their degradation, issues of conservation needs, and concept of climate variation/change and its impact on agriculture and hydrology through illustrations, exhibits of the museum, demonstration facilities of
the Research Farm (Selakui), hydrological laboratory and meteorological station of the Institute. They were also shown a documentary film on salient development in the field of soil and water conservation at the headquarters and Regional Research Centres. The celebration highlighted the importance of Himalayas, its ecosystems, biodiversity, and resources for climate regulation, livelihoods and socio-economics of the hills and plains.

About 550 students from five colleges besides scientists, officers and staff of the Institute took part in the event.

Dr. Ambrish Kumar, Principal Scientist, SWCE co-ordinated the event.

(Source: CSWCRTI, Dehradun)