Farmers-Scientists Interaction Organized at Bhadrak

27th February 2014, Bhadrak

ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region, Patna organized a farmers-scientists interaction meeting under the Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) for improvement of livelihoods of the tribal community during  26-27th February, 2014 at Baredeswar, Phatepur and Mobarakpur Villages of Bhadrak, Odisha.

Dr. Bikash Sarkar, Senior Scientist and Coordinator, TSP (Odisha) presented an overview of the activities being undertaken at the village.

Dr. Amitava Dey, Principal Scientist and Head, Division of Livestock and Fisheries Management, ICAR-RC for Eastern Region, Patna explained and demonstrated the prophylactic measures and medications for the livestock, while Dr. Prem Kumar Sundaram, Scientist, ICAR-RC for Eastern Region, Patna emphasized upon the improved farm implements, irrigation methods and water harvesting structures for better yield.

Swami Ashrayannanda Ji Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Sevashram, Kulana, Bhadrak and Satyananda Mohapatra, Sarpanch, Dakhinbad, Bhadrak were also present and discussed issues related to livelihood during the meeting.

During interaction meeting action plan for livelihood improvement of villagers with the provision of irrigation facilities, improved high yielding seed materials of Agri-Horti crops and improved farm implements were discussed.

Three tribal dominated villages- Baredeswar, Phatepur and Mobarakpur in Bhadrak district of Odisha were selected by the ICAR-RC for Eastern Region, Patna for implementation of agricultural based activities under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) for improvement of livelihoods of the tribal community. Improved poultry breed (Gram Priya), Goat (Black Bengal), Duck (Khaki Campbell) and Pig (T&D) were made available to 64 tribal households for improvement of their income from livestock. A village resource centre is also being started at Kulana, Bhadrak for skill development of tribal farmers in collaboration with Ramakrishna Sevashram, Bhadrak.

 (Source: ICAR-RC for Eastern Region, Patna)