CMFRI Awarded International Research Project

The CMFRI research project on Global learning for “Local Solutions: Reducing vulnerability of marine-dependent coastal communities” (GULLS) under the theme on Coastal Vulnerability has been sanctioned under the international research project initiative by Belmont Forum and G8 Research Councils International Opportunities Fund. Of the 50 proposals submitted only seven proposals were successfully awarded by the reviewing agency -Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom.

The team includes around 40 scientists across 12 international research institutes. The project will be in operation for a period of three years starting October 2013. This project will address the Belmont Challenge priorities in the area of coastal vulnerability – specifically to challenges that arise for food security and sustaining coastal livelihoods as a result of global warming and increasing human coastal populations.

Dr. Kevern Cochrane, Rhodes University, South Africa will be the lead Principal Investigator. Dr. G. Syda Rao, Director, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, will be the Principal Investigator for the Indian side. Dr. Shyam S. Salim, Co-Principal Investigator will be the Research Programme Co-ordinator. He will be co-ordinating the research of the Indian team and also will correspond across the different international research teams. The Indian team comprises Dr. P.U. Zachariah, Dr. R. Narayanakumar, Dr. T.V. Sathianandan, Dr. PratibhaRohit and Dr. P.S. Swathilekshmi with expertise under physical, economic social and governance dimensions of the project.

(Source: CMFRI, Kochi)