Srinidhi Released for Rural Poultry

2nd March 2013, Hyderabad

Prof. K.M.L. Pathak, Deputy Director General (Animal Science) released ‘Srinidhi’ a new promising dual purpose variety for rural poultry  on 2nd March 2013 on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Project Directorate on Poultry.

Project Directorate on Poultry (PDP), Hyderabad has evolved this variety that has optimum body weight and better egg production. It has been selected from the six test crosses developed at PDP.  It was evaluated twice for full length of production cycle of 72 weeks at the institute farm. Its juvenile body weight at 6 weeks of age is 650 g and males weighed 2353 g at 15 weeks of age. The age at sexual maturity is 161 days. The egg production up to 40 weeks of age is 90 eggs and the annual egg production 228 eggs under intensive system of rearing with survivability more than 95%. Subsequently, the variety was also evaluated under field conditions in the states of Tripura, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. In the backyards, the juvenile body weight at 6 weeks of age was 500-550 g, the age at sexual maturity 170-175 days and egg production up to 40 weeks of age 55-60 eggs. The bird has potential to lay 140-150 eggs per year under backyard.


Salient features under rural backyards

  1. Multi coloured plumage
  2. Longer shanks
  3. Coloured and bigger eggs (53-55 g)
  4. Juvenile b.wt. : 500-550 g at 6 weeks
  5. Early maturing  (175 days)
  6. Annual egg production : 150 eggs



(Source: PDP, Hyderabad)