Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan visits NRC on Camel, Bikaner

7th November 2012, Bikaner

The Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan Dr. Margaret Alva visited the National Research Centre on Camel, Bikaner on November 07, 2012 and was appreciative of the achievements of the Centre as “Yeoman Service done by the Centre towards protection of the camel species in India”. While the concern was mentioned towards declining camel population in India, she endorsed the need of having defined breeding policy by State Animal Husbandry Departments of Rajasthan and Gujarat where the camel breeds exist. She appreciated efforts of Centre towards promoting camel as “Milch Animal” as the traditional role of camel for draught and agriculture is reducing.

Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan visits NRC on Camel, Bikaner 

Dr. N.V. Patil, Director of Centre took her around the various activities of the Centre viz. Camel Museum, Milk Parlour, Camel Dairy, Complete Feed Plant and explained beneficial effects of Camel Milk towards human health and efforts of the Centre towards developing of the camel milk products like Ice cream, Flavoured milk, Lassi and various indigenous products which can serve as functional foods. He explained Centre’s research efforts in exploiting camel immunology for human medicine purpose by developing diagnostics, treatment and preventive measures using Camel antibodies. During the visit Dr. Alva enjoyed the traditional camel ride to see various facilities of the Centre and was excited to observe the white camel born last year at the Centre.

Hon’ble Governor was delighted and expressed her happiness over the all-round developmental activities that are being done to uplift the economic status of the camel farmers. She also assured to address the issues like approval of MMPO status to camel milk and milk products, and development around the campus of this world class premier research Centre on camel through state and local administration.

(Source: NRC on Camel, Bikaner)