Tribute to Bullock Cart Ramaswamy

19th September, 2012

Prof. N.S. RamaswamyProf. N.S. Ramaswamy, founder director of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore passed away on 17th September after a prolonged illness. Born in Thrissur on March 2, 1926, Prof. Ramaswamy was a visionary and a man with indefatigable zeal, enthusiasm and commitment for welfare of animals and nature. Designing an efficient bullock cart was his passion and always he used to stress how much the cow and the buffalo are contributing to the productivity of the nation especially rural India.

Due to his love for animals, he created Centre for Action, Research and Technology for Man, Animals and Nature (CARTMAN), an NGO catering to the welfare of animals and was christened ‘Swaminathan’ of India’s livestock. Throughout his life, he actively campaigned for animal rights.

Prof. Ramaswamy was also the founder of the Indian Heritage Academy, an NGO working to foster culture, philosophy, spirituality and concepts drawn from ancient thought and wisdom. He also published a journal which communicates contents of our scriptures in single language.

Prof. Ramaswamy was awarded Padmbhushan in 2006 for his outstanding contribution in the field of management, animal welfare and other societal development. He was on the committees of the ICAR and Planning Commission on Animal Energy. He was chairman of Animal Welfare Board of India and the Meat Committee of the Government of India, besides holding advisory positions in various high powered forms.

In later years he campaigned for the cause of spirituality in the Indian Society through lectures and thought provoking writings. He said, “…a leader ought to have many noble qualities, such as honesty, integrity, humility, selflessness, dedication, commitment, patriotism, selfless service, sacrifice etc. Education sector ought to produce noble leaders.”

ICAR family pays tribute to Bullock Cart Ramaswamy.