5th International Symposium on ‘Cage Aquaculture in Asia-2015’ Inaugurated

25th November 2015, Ernakulum

Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR inaugurated 5th International Symposium on Cage Aquaculture in Asia (CAA5) on 25th November 2015 at Ernakulum, Kerala. In his inaugural, he stressed on the greening of the blue revolution and emphasised on sustainable aquaculture development. Cage culture farmers were relating to fish farming in a protected environment and protection, captive management were the visual images in the minds of the farmer, he added. He said that multiple uses of water should be resorted to and complemented the efforts of the youngsters from Jharkhand in their success on cage farming in the reservoirs. He said   a strong combination of seed, feed, skill and will were the need of the hour for further improvement of cage aquaculture in India.

 5th International Symposium on ‘Cage Aquaculture in Asia-2015’ inaugurated   5th International Symposium on ‘Cage Aquaculture in Asia-2015’ inaugurated

In the welcome address, Dr.A. Gopalakrishnan, Convener, CAA5 and Director, CMFRI said that the symposium would provide a platform for India to take up Cage Culture in a sustainable manner.

In his presidential address, Dr.J.K.Jena, Chairman, AFSIB and Director, NBFGR, Lucknow emphasised the modernisation of cages and government policies to support cage farming. He said that the slogan at present was not only fish for all for today and tomorrow but for ever. He said that India could take cues from Norway and Chile and can double the production from cage farming.

Dr.Alice Joan Ferrer, Vice President, Asian Fisheries Society, (AFS), Malaysia gave a review of the AFS activities over the years.

Dr.Mohan Joseph Modayil, former Member,ASRB and CAG,AFS,Malaysia the present era called for the cooperation and concerted efforts of Asian countries to find commonalities, getting cues from end users and collective strength of scientists and technicians of the Asian region.

Dr.Derek Staples, Immediate Past President, AFS, Malaysia said that the Fisheries Society in Asia need to undergo a major reform with respect to connectivity among Asian countries.

Asian Fisheries Society Indian Branch (AFSIB) Innovation Awards were conferred during the event.

The symposium (25-28th, November, 2015) is organised by ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi in association with Asian Fisheries Society (AFS), Malaysia and the Asian Fisheries Society, Indian Branch (AFSIB).

(Source: ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi)