Global Conference on Agricultural Research & Development (GCARD 2) – 2012

29th October to 1st November 2012, Uruguay

Global Conference on Agricultural Research  & Development (GCARD 2) – 2012The Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD 2) was organized in Punta del Este, Uruguay from 29th October to 1st November 2012. The GCARD 2 focused on the ways to implement the tasks identified in the GCARD RoadMap with special attention to “Foresight and partnership for innovation and impact on small-holder livelihoods”. The Conference has set in an excellent platform to build cooperation around key forward-looking agendas and also to plan joint actions among all stakeholders. Evidently, this will open international partnership opportunities and help the development of concrete research and development programs that can lead through to substantive impacts.

The purpose of the Conference was to move from WHY transformation of AR4D, to HOW to implement the GCARD RoadMap in practice and WHAT difference does it make. GCARD II took stock of progress and lessons from experiences in developing and strengthening collaborative actions to transform innovation processes towards achieving large scale development impacts, in particular on the livelihoods of resource poor smallholder farmers.

Key elements Dealt in GCARD

  • Consideration of how our forward thinking and awareness on future agricultural challenges and the needs of smallholder farmers can better shape agricultural innovation
  • Partnership mechanisms identified along the complex pathways between research and development outcomes and practical requirements identified for large-scale impacts
  • Capacity and investment needs determined along pathways between the generation, access and use of agricultural knowledge in development
  • Specific needs of women producers made central to agricultural research and rural development processes
  • Reporting on actions and achievements in delivery of the GCARD 2010 Roadmap at all levels

Outcomes of GCARD

  • Collective actions agreed upon through a Global Foresight Hub, bringing together many diverse analyses and reviews of future needs to better inform policies and priorities
  • Consensus on the CGIAR SRF Action Plan
  • Likelihood of successful impacts for smallholders enhanced through agreement on common purposes and mutual commitments to objectives of the CGIAR research programmes (CRPs) and other global partnership programmes
  • Launching of major initiatives to address capacity needs around the world, increase investment, create more attractive careers and address key barriers to impact from agricultural research and innovation
  • Commitment to reshape AR4D systems to better reflect women’s perspectives and enable their direct access to innovation products and services
  • Demonstrating and renewing commitments to the transformation and strengthening of AR4D systems at national, regional and international levels

Global Conference on Agricultural Research  & Development (GCARD 2) – 2012Global Conference on Agricultural Research  & Development (GCARD 2) – 2012
Global Conference on Agricultural Research  & Development (GCARD 2) – 2012

Indian Council of Agricultural Research took part in the GCARD 2012 with a delegation lead by Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary (DARE) and Director-General (ICAR). The other members were Dr. K.D. Kokate, Dy. Director General (Extension), ICAR; Dr. H.S. Gupta, Director, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi ; Dr. (Ms) Krishna Srinath, Director, Directorate for Research on Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar and other senior officials.