Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Indian Council of Agricultural Research and KazAgroInnovation (KAI), Kazakhstan

       Exchange of signed MoU between ICAR & KazAgroInnovation (KAI), KazakhstanA delegation comprising Dr. Umesh Srivastava, Assistant Director General (Horticulture) and Dr. C. Devakumar, Assistant Director General (EPD), ICAR visited Kazakhstan from 30th May to 3rd June, 2012 to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between KazAgroInnovation (KAI), Kazakhstan and Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India. 

In the signing ceremony organized by the Embassy of India in Kazakhstan at Astana on 31st May, 2012, 11 members from Kazakhstan side and three members of Indian delegation comprising Dr. Srivastava, Dr. Devakumar and Dr. Satyanjal Pandey, Second Secretary of Embassy of Republic of India in Republic of Kazakhstan participated.  Both the leaders of the Delegation exchanged pleasantries and briefed about the two premier institutions.  The said MoU was signed by Dr. Serik Kenenbayev, Chairman of Management Board, KazAgroInnovation, JSC Kazakhstan side and Dr. Umesh Srivastava from India side.  It was a memorable and historical moment in the annals of ICAR and KazAgroInnovation.

The Parties agree to cooperate in the following spheres:

  • Exchange of germplasm and breeding material;
  • Development and implementation of joint research projects, the scope and methodology of which will be confirmed, upon compliance with the provisions made in  the Memorandum;
  • Exchange of research equipment and its joint usage within the framework of programs of general interest;
  • Exchange of scientific and technical staff members through internships and grading courses, as well as making contacts with scientific and technological departments of Parties’ organizations;
  • Research works, information and methodology exchange;
  • Exchange of technologies for upgradation of extension centers, demonstration sites in both the countries.

The Indian delegation met His Excellency Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma, Ambassador of India in Astana (Kazakhstan) and the Ambassador led the Indian Delegation to the Minister of Agriculture.  Delegation briefed the  Minister about the pivotal role being played by ICAR in sustaining production of food, feed, fodder, fibre, fruits, vegetables, flower etc.; cattle, sheep and camel breeding in India.  The delegation also visited Republican Centre of Livestock Breeding, Asyl Tulic JSC, Astana; Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of Livestock Breeding and Feed production, Almaty; Scientific and Production Centre of Grain Farming named after Barayev, Astana and Kazakh Scientific and Research Centre for Crop Farming and Horticulture, Almaty. 

Indian Delegation meeting with Minister of Agriculture, Kazakhstan

During discussion it was observed that Kazakhstan enjoyed a good reputation for producing big size apple each weighing over 750 gram, pomegranate (big size) and grapes in horticultural crops.  There is scope of cooperation in these crops.  Also pulses and oilseeds are the other areas for cooperation.  Cattle breeding, sheep and camel breeding are another area to cooperate.  Germplasm exchange can be negotiated for pomegranate, grape, apple, tomato, chilli, pea, french bean, gladiolus, crossandra, carnation Damascena rose and Rosa rugosa. Collaborative research projects can be had in the field of protected cultivation, production technology for tropical and temperate fruits, pulses and oilseed crops; cattle, sheep and camel breeding programmes.

Students and Faculty exchange in niche areas of research and development also holds promise. Overall, the scientists have been enthusiastic and cordial in explaining their work. Those who have visited India were nostalgic about their visit. The Directors of the institutes were advised to follow up the MoU with appropriate Work plans.

(Source: ADG, Horticulture, ICAR)