Bangalore Research Centre of CIFRI Celebrates Golden Jubilee

Bangalore, 14th April 2012

 CIFRI Celebrates Golden Jubilee Bangalore Research Centre of Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, established in the year 1962, celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 14th April 2012. Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR in his presidential address emphasised the need to develop technology packages with the aim to enhance fish production by one million tonne every year. Dr.Ayyappan reiterated that during twelfth plan, the focus is on natural resource management and efforts have to be intensified to increase fish production from reservoirs on a sustainable basis. He also offered all assistance from fishery institutes for technology development in fishery sector to the state governments.

Ms. V. Manjula, IAS,  Principal Secretary, Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries,  Karnataka inaugurated the celebrations and stated that the state of Karnataka wish to utilise the expertise from Fishery Research Institutes of  ICAR for the development of fisheries in Karnataka State. Ms. C.A.  Latha,  IAS, Director of Fisheries, Kerala State also expressed the need of technological advice from the fishery scientists for enhancement of fish production in Kerala State. Dr. B. Meenakumari, Deputy Director General (Fisheries), ICAR advised the scientists to develop technologies to bridge the gap in actual and potential production and also to develop suitable gears to harvest the stocked fishes in reservoirs.

CIFRI Celebrates Golden Jubilee CIFRI Celebrates Golden Jubilee

Dr. C. Vasudevappa, Chief Executive of NFDB, Dr. A.P. Sharma Director, CIFRI , Dr. A.S. Sidhu, Director, IIHR, Dr. P. Jayasankar, Director, CIFA,     Dr. K.V. Devaraj, Former Vice–Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Dr. P.S.B.R. James, Former Director, CMFRI and Dr. S.P. Ayyar, Dr. M.R. Sinha and Dr. K.K. Vaas, Former Directors of CIFRI, and Dr. D.S. Krishna Rao, Head of Bangalore Centre participated in the celebration along with a large number of scientists of Bangalore Centre of CIFRI and shared their experiences in reservoir fisheries research. An interactive session on Reservoir Fisheries Development and Aquaculture - Issues and Challenges was organised by CIFRI and CIFA. Experts from different parts of the country participated actively in the interactions and panel discussion.

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project on Mass Media Mobilization with inputs from Bangalore Research Centre of CIFRI)