Technologies and Public Policies Should have Appropriate Synergies to Move Forward

ICAR Regional Committee Meeting Begins at Ranchi

Ranchi (Jharkhand), 07 October, 2010

‘Role of technologies, policies and infrastructure would be very important in realizing the potential of rainfed agriculture. Technologies and public policies, the two major drivers of agricultural growth, should have appropriate synergies to move forward’, said His Excellency Sri M.O.H. Farook, Governor, Jharkhand while inaugurating the XXth meeting of ICAR Regional Committee No.IV at Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi.

The resource-rich high-rainfall areas of eastern India should be promoted for enhancing agricultural production as this region receives 2-3 times more rainfall than that of north-west states. Timber and non-timber forest products and bio-prospecting of improved medicinal plants should also be given special attention in the region, he urged.

His Excellency Sri Farook suggested that a research centre in dry areas like Palamu region for conservation, characterization and improvement of minor millets can be established. He also emphasized on water management and acid soil management related issues to solve the problems faced by the marginal farmers of Jharkhand state.

Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research informed that the research on varieties required for specific weather condition like drought and sub-mergence is in progress to overcome the problem. He lauded the role played by BAU, Ranchi in solving the problems faced by the farmers of Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. ‘The focus point of this meeting is to prepare an action plan for cotton, sugarcane and rice grower farmers of this region’, he said. ‘Quality human resource and reviving interest in agriculture related areas should be taken up as challenges,’ he reiterated.

Dr. Sawpan Kumar Dutta, Deputy Director General (Crop Science), ICAR elaborated the role of new technology and adaptation in farming sector. Dr. N.N. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Birsa Agricultural University in his welcome address urged to replace upland rice by soybean, groundnut, cotton, sweet potato, cassava, mothbean, castor and other crops.

The officials from ICAR, VCs of State Agriculture Universities, State Agriculture Departments, Zonal Project Directorate and KVKs from Jharkhand, Bihar and UP are participating in the meeting.

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project on Mass Media Mobilization, DIPA)