Food processing can increase farmer’s income many times

November 24


Farmers can increase their income many times by adding value through processing of food, said Dr S.K Nanda, Project Coordinator (PHT), Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET), on inaugural function of training on “Post Harvest Technology for Rural Catchments" for farmers sponsored by Agricultural Technology Management Association (ATMA), Taran Taran.

The five-day training program will cover subjects of grading and milling of grains, milling technology for pulses, preparation of snacks food, processing of onion/ginger, technology for making green chili powder, soyabean processing and storage and processing of other crops.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr S.K Nanda said that from same crop one can earn more by processing of food. He said that same food was sold in the market at high cost after adding value through processing. “Farmers should sell products instead of produce,” he advised.  CIPHET Head Transfer of Technology (ToT) Dr Deepak Raj Rai said that they would also call experts from other institutions during the training program to further enhance knowledge of farmers and assured that CIPHET would be providing them all kind of help.
On the occasion, farmers shared their views regarding areas of agriculture they want to improve. Most of them showed interest in knowing more about soybean processing, bee keeping, storage, cultivation of mushroom. They were given presentation regarding mandate of CIPHET and various works undertaken by the institution since its inception. Dr Sangeeta Chopra, Senior Scientist CIPHET, coordinated the talk. As many as 20 farmers from Taran Taran district are participating in the training.

(Source: CIPHET)