Pantvarsity observes golden jubilee celebration - GBPUA&T

November 17, 2009 Pantnagar

The golden jubilee celebration of G.B. Pant University was inaugurated today in Gandhi Hall. Speaking on the occasion Shri Anand Swaroop, senior IAS officer and ex Vice-Chancellor of Pantvarsity told that Universities are not made of bricks and mortar nor are known for architectural wonders. The universities like Oxford, Haward and Cambridge are known for their precious human resources of student and faculties. He was of the opinion that commitment and excellent work culture have made Pantnagar stand apart in the world. However, he warned that there is no room for complacency. In the present age of fastly changing socio-cultural and technical landscape of the country, there is need for innovations in educational institutions. He called upon the scientists to work for energy conservation, water harvesting, resource conservation in hill agriculture. He advocated for implementing micro planning approach for comprehensive development of hilly areas. Dr. B.S. Bisht, the Vice-Chancellor of Pantvarsity gave an account of achievement in teaching, research and extension services. He highlighted the research and development made in developing of insect and disease resistant varieties of various crops, efforts being made for environment and conservation of fragile ecosystems, application and agriculture biotechnologies development projects going on. He also narrated the contribution being made by university extension services, for training and extension and to reducing drudgery of hill women.

Shri Kripa Narain, Ex-Chief Secretary of U.P. and Former Vice-Chancellor in his address said that Pantnagar has a glorious history. He recalled the work done in the university during the tenure of Dr. D.P. Singh as Vice-Chancellor. He said that in changing scenario of agriculture a few important areas like global ecology, water management, agro-biotechnology and hydroponics need emphasis today and university should try to address them.

Dr. S.B. Singh, Ex-Vice-Chancellor, in his address specially highlighted the importance of seed for the farmers and said that it was Pantnagar where a seed corporation was established in 1969, which helped in production of seeds for the farmers of not only of this region rather for different other states of the country. He said that Pantnagar is pilgrimage for him and he had spent more than 30 years of his life in this area. He wanted the University to give thrust on exploitation of hybrid vigour of crops, biotechnology, more adhoc-projects from different sources strengthening of college of fisheries, commercialization of medicinal and aromatic plant, etc. In the afternoon a talk on ‘Revival of rural life by realizing potential of socioeconomic value of agricultural landscape’ by Dr. S.P. Singh, Ex-Vice-Chancellor of H.N. Bahuguna University Garhwal, Dehradun was delivered.

(Source: G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar)