Dr G. Martin from IRRI participating in interaction at CIPHET regarding post harvest management of Rice

November 10, 2009 Ludhiana

Dr. Martin stresses need to control post harvest losses in rice.

Says need to empower villages by providing them local solutions for management and value addition of rice.

Dr. G. Martin, Post harvest Development Specialist at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines, today visited Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) to explore possibilities of collaboration in post harvest management of rice and better utilization of paddy straw and husk. He was accompanied by the Dr H.S Sidhu, Senior Research Engineer IRRI.

Interacting with CIPHET scientists, Dr G. Martin said that their institute was working on problems of post harvest losses in rice, improving quality, storage and providing farmers better drying facilities for rice.  

“Our focus is to improve conditions in villages than just focusing on big rice milling industries” Dr G. Martin, said, adding that they were ready to collaborate in this area. He also took interest in cost of establishing green houses in India . Calling paddy straw management as an important area, Dr Martin said that in South Asia including Philippines most of paddy straw was burnt to clear the fields and very small part was used for making fertilizers and other by products.

“The more research is required in this area so that paddy straw which produced in equal amount as rice in fields is better utilized” he said, adding that rice husk could be easily used as fuel.  He also gathered information regarding status of post harvest management of rice in India. He was made aware that presently 65 percent of rice in India was processed in mills and more than one thousand rice mills were engaged in this exercise.  Earlier on their arrival at CIPHET, Dr G. Martin and Dr H.S Sidhu were welcomed by the Dr K.K Singh, Head of Food Grain and Oil Seed Processing and Head Transfer of Technology Dr Deepak Raj Rai.

(Source: CIPHET, Ludhiana)