Keep Muskmelon crop free from Downy Mildew-PAU experts

April 29, 2009 Ludhiana

Downy mildew of muskmelon is a serious fungal disease that can cause huge damage under weather conditions favourable for disease development. The disease affects foliage producing yellow lesions on the upper surface of leaves. The under surface of these lesions show grayish fungal growth during early morning hours when there is high relative humidity in the atmosphere. Later, such lesions turn brown and necrotic giving blighted appearance to the crop. This information was given by Dr. H.S.Rewal, Head, Department of Plant Pathology who went on to add that moderate temperature with high relative humidity and frequent rains help in the spread of the disease at fast rate affecting yield and quality of the produce. He said that though the crop of muskmelon at present does not have any widespread infection but in order to keep the crop free from disease the farmers are advised to spray the crop with Indofil M-45 @ 600 g in 200 litres of water per acre at weekly intervals as per University recommendations. Dr. Daljit Singh Dhilllon, officiating Director of Extension Education said that farmers should contact the PAU experts at Ludhiana or its outstations and Krishi Vigyan Kendras in different districts for any advice on plant protection.