High density planting with soil and water conservation measures

Intercropping with pineapple and yams in young orchards up to 7 years

Adoption of integrated management for stem and root borer and tea mosquito bug

Canopy management for enhanced flowering and fruiting

Farm Tools and Equipment

The tools, equipment and technologies that will help in timely completion of farm operations, better placement of inputs and drudgery reduction, resulting in higher productivity in agriculture and post harvest processing in the state are : laser land leveler, rotavator, puddler, paddy seeder/transplanter, cono weeder, multi-crop thresher, vertical conveyor reaper, reaper binder, greenhouse technology, cashew processing, ECS, vegetable washer.

Livestock and Poultry

In Goa, the major livestock comprises 30,000 cattle; and 0.6 million poultry contributing 14.6 million eggs per annum. Cattle productivity in the state could be enhanced through the following interventions:

Improved germplasm of Frieswal cattle for 5 % increase in milk production

Crystoscope assisted Artificial Insemination for improved conception rate by 20%

Strategic supplementation of limiting nutrients (protein and energy) for production optimization by around 10%

Field based diagnostic kits and vaccines for all major diseases

Value addition of milk (low cholesterol ghee, herbal ghee, pizza cheese, mango lassi )


Goa has about 18,500 ha of potential area for developing coastal aquaculture all along its coastline of 104 km. Reservoir and pond resources are available to the extent of 6,000 ha. The state annually produces 87,360 tonnes of fish, mainly from marine fisheries (83,760 tonnes). Since only about 900 ha of coastal area is under shrimp farming, there exists scope for enhancing the same through both forward and backward linkages with hatcheries and processing plants. The state can adopt the following technologies/interventions to increase its share of national production basket:

Shrimp and scampi farming (2 tonnes/ha/year; 1 tonne/ha/year)

Mariculture of edible mussels and oysters (131,000 tonnes)

Culture of marine ornamental fishes

By adopting sustainable culture practices, the annual finfish production from the state can be increased to 98,790 tonnes, besides the edible molluscan produce that would have high demand in a tourist place like Goa.