Chrysanthemum Nipping


Chrysanthemum Nipping, Shri Mallappa Shivappa Halli
Age: 48 years
Education: PUC
Landholding: 0.72 ha
Farming experience: 26 years
Crops grown: Cauliflower, chillies, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion, potato and napier bajra
Livestock: Dairy animals
President of Organic Farmers' Association,
Lakkundi village, Gadag block

Shri Mallappa Shivappa Halli
Post Lakkundi, Taluq and District Gadag, Karnataka
(Mobile: 09901415783)

Description of innovation
Shri Mallappa Halli of Lakkundi village in Gadag district has improved method of nipping in Chrysanthemum for enhancing growth of side suckers for higher production. It is the method of heading back whole terminal shoot with sickle after 45-60 days after planting instead of just nipping terminal shoot as is recommended by the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, increasing number of side suckers.

Practical utility of innovation
Improved method of nipping resulted in 25-30% increased flower yield (10 tonnes/ha) as compared to existing method (8 tonnes/ha) which gave an additional income of Rs 40,000/ha. It reduced incidence of sucking pest and diseases, reduced cost on pesticide, ensured more suckers and improved quality of flowers. This method is cost-effective and can be adopted very easily by the farmers. This method is widely practised by the farmers Gadag district. Improved quality of flowers fetched better price flowers.

Chrysanthemum is an important flower crop grown in Lakkundi cluster of villages in Gadag block of the district in Karnataka. It is being cultivated in about 1500 ha covering 12 villages. Nipping of terminal shoot is an important agronomic practice in Chrysanthemum to encourage growth of side suckers to get more flowers. The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, recommends nipping of terminal shoot by hand when sucker attains 15 cms height. Farmers are of the opinion that this method is not yielding desired results as sufficient number of suckers are not developed. This problem has been overcome by innovated improved method of nipping as it increases more number of side suckers.

Chrysanthemum with improved method of nipping