Exotic Vegetables’ Cultivation


Exotic Vegetables' Cultivation
Age: 40 years
Education: 8 std
Landholding: 3 ha
Farming experience: 25 years
Crops grown: Exotic vegetables
Livestock:Cows and buffaloes
Recipient of Prof. N G Ranga Award fromICAR for diversified farming
Member of SHG and Mahila Mandal

Mrs Vanita Murlidhar Gunjal
At/post Kandli, Taluq Junner, District Pune, Maharashtra
(Mobile : 09860226085)

Description of innovation
Mrs Vanita searching market for traditional vegetables got an idea of cultivating Chinese Vegetable. She searched some literature on Chinese Vegetable and found demand of this vegetable in Five Star Hotels in Mumbai. Based on the demand, she started cultivation of different exotic vegetables parsley, red cabbage, broccoli, Leek, cherry tomato, etc. and could achieved sustainable income from farming. She searched markets for these vegetables, and sold produce very effectively.

Practical utility of innovation
Demand-driven exotic vegetables production is suitable for the farmers as they have assured market through contract with consumers. Exotic vegetables market is growing at the rate of 15 to 20% per annum is increasing day by day since India is importing more than 85% exotic vegetables. The innovative woman farmer is growing 25 vegetable varieties in 2.2 ha with an expenditure of Rs 6250/day/ha and obtained earnings Rs 8750/day/ha. Skilled labour is required for cultivation of these vegatbles. Presently, a group of 100 farmers is cultivating these exotic vegetables from different villages in the vicinity.

Exotic vegetables cultivationExotic vegetables cultivation