Watershed Hydrology

Introduction; hydrologic cycle; precipitation - forms, rainfall measurement, mass curve, hydrograph, mean rainfall depth, frequency analysis of point rainfall, plotting position, estimation of missing data, test for consistency of rainfall records; interception; infiltration; evaporation; evapo-transpiration - estimation and measurement; geomorphology of watersheds - stream number, stream length, stream area, stream slope and Horton’s laws; runoff - factors affecting, measurement; stage and velocity, rating curve, extension of rating curve; estimation of peak runoff rate and volume; rational method, Cook’s method, SCS method, Curve number method; hydrograph; components, base flow separation, unit hydrograph theory - unit hydrograph of different durations, dimensionless unit hydrograph, distribution hydrograph, synthetic unit hydrograph, uses and limitations of unit hydrograph; head water flood control - methods, retards and their location; flood routing – graphical methods of reservoir flood routing; hydrology of dry land areas - drought and its classification; introduction to watershed management and planning.