Waste and By-Product Utilization

Types and formation of byproducts and waste; magnitude of waste generation in different food processing industries; concept scope and maintenance of waste management and effluent treatment, Temperature, pH, Oxygen demands (BOD, COD), fat, oil and grease content, metal content, forms of phosphorous and sulphur in waste waters, microbiology of waste, other ingredients like insecticide, pesticides and fungicides residues, Waste utilization in various industries, furnaces and boilers run on agricultural wastes and byproducts, briquetting of biomass as fuel, production of charcoal briquette, generation of electricity using surplus biomass, producer gas generation and utilization, waste treatment and disposal, design, construction, operation and management of institutional community and family size biogas plants, concept of vermi-composting, Pre-treatment of waste: sedimentation, coagulation, flocculation and floatation, Secondary treatments: Biological and chemical oxygen demand for different food plant waste– trickling filters, oxidation ditches, activated sludge process, rotating biological contractors, lagoons, Tertiary treatments: Advanced waste water treatment process-sand, coal and activated carbon filters, phosphorous, sulphur, nitrogen and heavy metals removal, Assessment, treatment and disposal of solid waste; and biogas generation.