Traditional Dairy Products

Status and significance of traditional milk products in India. Khoa: Classification of types, standards methods of manufacture and preservation factors affecting yield of khoa. Physicochemical changes during manufacture and storage of khoa. Mechanization in manufacture of khoa. Confectioneries made from Khoa-Burfi, peda, Milkcake, Kalakhand, Gulabjaman and their compositional profile and manufacture practices. Rabri and Basundhi: Product identification, process description, factors affecting yield physico-chemical changes during manufacture. Channa: Product description, Standards method of manufacture, packaging and preservation. Chhana-based sweets, Rasogolla, Sandesh, Ras-malai. Mechanization of manufacturing process. Paneer: Product description standards method of manufacture packaging and preservation. Physico-chemical changes during manufacture and storage. Mechanization of paneer manufacturing/packaging process. Srikhand: Chakka-product description, standards method of manufacture, small scale and industrial, packaging and preservation aspects. Shrikhand-save as chakka. Physico-chemical changes and quality assurance during manufacture and storage. Sandesh: Product description method of manufacture and packaging process. Misti dahi : Product description method of manufacture and packaging process. Kheer and Payasam: Product description methods of manufacture, innovations in manufacturing and packaging processes. Microbiology of indigenous milk products, predominance of spoilage & pathogenic organisms in Khoa, Chhanna, Paneer, Shrikhand, their spoilages, control measures & legal specifications. Biopreservative principles in enhancing the self-life of indigenous milk products including active packaging.