Basic concepts: systems, processes, cycles, energy, The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.Ideal gases: Equation of state, Compression and expansion of gases. The first Law of Thermodynamics: Internal energy, enthalpy. The second Law of Thermodynamics: Thermodynamic temperature scale, Carnot cycle, entropy, reversibility, availability. Air Cycles: Otto, Diesel, dual efficiencies, Plotting the cycles on various thermodynamic planes viz., p-V, T-S, p-h diagram; etc. IC. Engines: Two stroke and four stroke cycles, construction, injection and ignition of fuel, Performance of IC engines. Fuels: Chemical properties, air for combustion, Calorific value and its determination, Burners, firing of fuels. Renewable energy sources. Properties of steam: Wet, dry saturated, superheated steam, Use of steam tables and Molier charts. Steam generators : Fire tube boilers, Water tube boilers. Boiler mountings and Boiler accessories. Draught : Natural, forced, fan, jet, Measurement of Height of chimney. Condensers. Layout of pipe-line and expansion joints. Boiler trial: Codes, Indian Boiler Regulation acts. Air Compressors: Reciprocating, Single and two stage air compressors.